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Dollies: a rant

In January 2013, I had a rant about dollies (which The Wise Master laminated, and placed on the notice board)

With the tremendous amount of construction, refurbishment and extension, over the winter months, in particular the new dolly hanging structures that allow easy nesting of three dollies (designed and built by about a dozen members), it was time to look at some of our processes.

We commissioned the operations research folks at Rand Corporation to investigated the interaction of our facilities and processes, and the following recommendations were made:

  • There is never an excuse to leave a dolly on the vinyl flooring unattended for more than a few moments.
  • There is never an excuse to hang dollies in front of a rack if a level 1, 2 or 3 rack is vacant – the last boat into the rack can hang ALL the dollies.
  • If dollies are being left unattended in the horizontal position, either singularly or in stacks, then they should be left OUTSIDE the clubhouse on the grass and not within the club at the northern end of the aisle, or on the vinyl floor.  In the alternative, the dollies can be hung in front of racks where all the boats are in the racks.

Note that the above apply whether the member is taking their boat out OR putting their boat back, and is not onerous now that the hanging system has been properly designed and constructed to allow nesting in groups.

The logic behind the above should be very apparent, so please show consideration to your fellow club members.

Peter Dobrijevic, Secretary (at the time of the rant)