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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.



A COTD is required every Saturday between August and April (inclusive).  We do not operate on a Saturday without this volunteer.

COTD = Captain of the Day.  Runs the on-shore activities for the day.  Drives a rescue boat.  Assists the PRO on water, or in the absence of a PRO, multi-tasks and runs racing.  During the Super Saturday Sprint Series, the COTD often runs the racing.

co-COTD = Co-Captain of the Day.  Assists the COTD with the task list.  Drives another rescue boat which is essential in winds over 10 knots. 

PRO = Principal Race Officer.  Controls the racing.  (Also known as the "Paramount Race Officer" when Dear Leader is the running the racing).

Generally, arrival at 11am should allow enough time to get everything done.

The master copy of the roster for the COTD, co-COTD and PRO duties is found at this calendar: click here.  The Pavlovian response of all members on receipt of the weekly newsletter should be to check this list to see whether their name is on it for the next month, and definitely before the first Saturday in August.

If you don’t send a request to volunteering for a Saturday by 15 July each year, you will be allocated a Saturday by the end of July for the following season. 

If you need to change your allocated date:
·         Try and arrange to swap with someone who is in the same category (eg, PRO swaps with another PRO etc);
·         If you can organise a swap, submit this form with the details for approval by the sailing committee;
·         Once approved, the roster will be amended.

If you can’t organise a swap, email at least two weeks before your duty.

If an an emergency arises and you have to cancel, ring Michael Osborne (0418 967 523) or Mark Crowhurst (0439 872 305) as soon as you become aware of a problem..  Requests to change the roster should NOT be sent to the Secretary.  

Click here for the COTD duty list.  The COTD delegates tasks to the co-COTD

Click here for the PRO duty list.

Each week a Principal Race Officer (“PRO”) will be rostered as well.

There are approximately 113 duty slots a season, and with 100 members, we don't need to double-up too often if everyone has a go.