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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.

COTD Duties

DBSC Saturday Captain/CoCaptain Check List

Arrive at least three (3) hours prior to racing (usually 11am).


Safety is the first priority of DBSC. After safety, in our endeavour to be a "best practice Laser club" the next key objective is to have competitive and timely racing.

As PRO/COTD/CoCOTD an important objective is to make sure that races begin at 2 pm, or the AP goes up to signify a delay. In general, this means starting to lay the course by 1130am and finishing by 1230pm prior to the 1pm race meeting. If you are running behind schedule, tasks such as the awning/flags and placing of tables/chairs should take second priority to those tasks required for an on-time start.

The PRO's Principal Objective is to manage the races on the day. The COTD/CoCOTD's Principal Objective(s) are to set up the club, assist the PRO on course with tasks that cannot be completed from the "Jazzman", and pack up the club at the end of the day.

DBSC has an inclusive culture. If you are unsure about any of the below, please do not hesitate to ask another member for assistance. On land, a Flag Officer should be your first port of call. On water, your PRO on the day should be your first port of call. Remember that if you are unsure of something, it is better to ask and be shown how to do it than to guess.

The task list below assumes it is a Point Score or Club Championship event and thus assumes the "Jazzman" is the Start and Finish Boat. At the PRO's discretion (and per the PRO Guide), when the event  is 'Sprints' some edits may be made to the below including but not limited to not using the Jazzman. Please take guidance from the PRO on this decision.

You should have received an email giving you the nominated PRO's email address. It may be a good idea to touch base with them prior to the day to check if anything has changed. If you have not but wish to, contact for their details.


On Land Preparatory

  • Unlock Club, roller door up
  • Check status of RIBs and all other radio/electrical/mechanical gear
  • Check all OK in kitchen for day.  Check if Club BBQ that night. Check if Club being used for any function that night
  • Put on DBSC flouro jackets to identify you as Captain and CoCaptain of the day
    • Clear aisle of any response boats, dollies, Lasers on floor, etc – all to rigging area
    • Open and secure doors to deck, hoist AUS, DBSC and class flags. NB do this before erecting deck awning!
    • Hoist AUS flag from Southern flag pole
    • Erect deck awning from under canopy
    • Tables and chairs to deck
    • Assist, if required, with hire out Club Lasers to visiting sailors – collect $30 fee and $50 deposit.  The member running Learn To Race will have advised you of who was hiring boats based on the number of forms he/she had received.

On Water Preparatory


  • Identify/lay out three large conical course buoys, and two smaller conical buoys (one red, one red with blue cloth around it) plus tackle for five buoys on front deck
  • Using battery operated blower, inflate three large course buoys.
  • Load other buoys and tackle boxes into “Bergman”

RIBs – “Dene Bergman”

  • Remove sun covers from “Dene Bergman”
  • Switch power on to western davit
  • Raise and secure both drainage flaps at stern of “Dene Bergman”, insert bung
  • Lift “Dene Bergman” to unhook Spectra static slings and get out of boat.
  • Lower “Dene Bergman” into water
  • Pre engine start – check isolation switch to green, choke (fwd RHS engine) on and priming bulb (under seat) pumped so it is firm.  Check-start engine then choke off.
  • Undertake radio check between RIBs and Club and between RIBs
  • Switch off engine and moor “Dene Bergman” to front deck
  • Tie large Orange Buoys to outside (starboard) tube of “Bergman”
  • Check lifejackets and towing ropes
  • Check if fuel required for any boat – if so ask Dene, Andrew, Michael or Mark for assistance
  • Dress for on water – especially long sleeves/pants and hat for sun protection, sun cream

RIBs – “Paul Adam”

  • Remove sun covers from “Paul Adam”
  • Switch power on to eastern davit
  • Raise and secure both drainage flaps at stern of the "Paul Adam”, insert bung
  • Lift “Paul Adam” to unhook Spectra static slings and get out of boat.
  • Lower “Paul Adam” into water
  • Pre engine start – check isolation switch (under seat) on and choke (fwd RHS engine) on.  Check start engine then choke off.
  • Undertake radio check between RIBs and Club and between RIBs
  • Switch off engine and moor “Paul Adam” to front deck
  • Check lifejackets and towing ropes
  • Check if fuel required for any boat – if so ask Dene, Andrew, Michael or Mark for assistance
  • Dress for on water – especially long sleeves/pants and hat for sun protection, sun cream

On Water pre Briefing

  • The PRO should take responsibility for and assist you with laying the course
  • Check forecast for afternoon conditions
  • Go out onto course area – assess wind direction and strength. 
  • Lay three large course marks and two spar buoys in approximate positions (ask Commodore/Vice Commodore for guidance by radio or in boat if you wish)
  • Undertake radio check between RIBs and Club and between RIBs
  • Return to Club
  • Load flags onto “Bergman” – Full and Radial Laser class flags, Code Flags P, M, N and S, Answering Pennant, First Substitute and Black Flag plus DBSC Pennant
  • Load battery horn onto “Bergman”
  • Check starting watch and horn working
  • Liaise with Commodore/Vice Commodore re Briefing – on time is at 1.00pm
  • Exchange mobile phone numbers with at least one person on each vessel to enable communication if the radio's stop working
  • Assist at Briefing by describing wind strength and direction and location of marks.  Do not describe course or Start procedure – those are in Sailing Instructions.

Arbors – “Jazzman”

  • The PRO undertakes the Starts and Finishes from the "Jazzman"
  • Use "Bergman" to take PRO, flags, horn and any "Jazzman Assistant's" for the day to the "Jazzman" post the race meeting
  • Once the above are on the "Jazzman", perform a radio check between the RIBs, Clubhouse and "Jazzman"
  • The "Jazzman" will now issue instructions to you by radio, in particular with respect to moving buoys prior to the start of the race

On Water Management

To guide Captains/CoCaptains in managing DBSC Club racing, please understand and achieve the following.

We are striving to be what Don Roach articulated as being a “best practice Laser Club”. What that means in effect is:

  • As COTD/CoCOTD you should query and take guidance from the PRO with anything that is uncertain
  • Total responsibility for on shore and on water race day management is assigned to the PRO, Captain of the Day and with support from a Co Captain as required
  • Go out early and set up with plenty of time
  • Always take “Bergman” in addition to “Jazzman”. If a Co Captain is available and willing, the "Adam" should be taken as well.
  • If winds are forecast to exceed 20 knots at any stage, speak to Commodore/Vice Commodore/Flag Officer for any revised requirements.
  • Both “Bergman” and “Paul Adam” to leave DBSC no later than 1.20pm
  • Set courses where there is best/most consistent wind
  • Avoid lee of Point Piper
  • Set cross wind lines and separate start and finish lines.  The PRO will moor the "Jazzman" in start location, have "Bergman"/“Paul Adam” position small red conical mark approx 100m crosswind off port side "Jazzman".  The PRO will communicate with you via Radio. If required, ask Commodore, Vice or Rear Commodore to check line is crosswind.
  • Have "Bergman"/“Paul Adam” position blue covered mark approx 30m crosswind off starboard side "Jazzman"
  • Start on time
  • Recognise and respond quickly to changing wind strength and direction by adjusting already laid buoys to suit wind strength and direction
  • Adjust course length to achieve 45min race times by the lead boats
  • Minimise time between separate races on the same day
  • Assist Handicapper by recording accurately the finishing times of all participants


During Racing

The PRO takes charge of the race management. Your job as COTD/CoCOTD is to best serve the safe sailing of DBSC members. If a sailor looks in trouble, as soon as it is safe you should aim to make contact with them to ensure they are comfortable.

If you have any questions, ask the PRO directly.

After Racing

  • "Bergman"/“Paul Adam” to recover start mark after second Full rig start
  • "Bergman"/“Paul Adam” to recover wing mark after last Full rig has rounded it in Race 2
  • "Bergman"/“Paul Adam” to recover top mark after last Full rig has rounded it last time in Race 2
  • After last boat has finished "Bergman"/“Paul Adam” collect remaining course and finishing buoys
  • The "Jazzman" will hoist anchor and return to it's mooring.
  • "Bergman"/“Paul Adam” to collect PRO and all equipment from "Jazzman"
  • "Bergman"/“Paul Adam” return to DBSC
  • Hand results sheets to Handicapper ashore as soon as you arrive at DBSC

On Water Completion

  • Hoist “Bergman” and “Paul Adam" on davits, hook up static slings, lower so that weight is taken by static slings
  • Lower drainage flaps at stern of both “Bergman” and “Paul Adam”, remove bungs
  • Turn off power to western and eastern davits
  • Unload all racing equipment – course buoys, starting/finishing marks, ground tackle, flags, horn, other from all RIBs
  • Turn off radios and turn off isolation switches on both “Bergman” and “Paul Adam’
  • Clear rubbish, tidy tow ropes and hose down all RIBs
  • Hose down tackle boxes, store on SW corner of deck (not in Workshop)
  • Hose down buoys, store in Clubhouse near Handicapper's desk (not in Workshop)
  • Replace/secure sun covers on “Bergman” and “Paul Adam”
  • Flush engines on all RIBs
  • Oversee return of Club Lasers from visiting sailors, check all gear returned, wash down, replace in correct racks
  • Deal with any problems.  
  • Advise Rear Commodore or Treasurer of any repairs/maintenance required for following Saturday

On Land Completion

  • Remove tables and chairs from deck to inside Club, clear deck of all other than RIBs, heavy seats and tackle boxes
  • Lower deck awning over door and secure under canopy
  • Lower AUS, DBSC and class flags, check deck is clear
  • Close and lock doors to deck, draw curtains.  Lower curtain to W facing window
  • Ensure Steyne Park has been cleared of all DBSC property
  • Check all kitchen and change rooms windows closed and locked
  • Turn out lights
  • Lock Kitchen door, check Workshop door to Southern deck is locked
  • Roller door down
  • Close and lock Club.

Go home, and relax with the knowledge that you have helped the club have another successful day.