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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.

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2018/19 Regatta Circuit

As well as our club racing, there is a cracking regatta circuit shaping up for 2018/19.   Whether you are a seasoned traveler hunting an elusive "Cube" or thinking about venturing beyond the waters of Double Bay, an "away" event is a rewarding experience. 

As we get closer to the events we'll start coordinating boat transport and accommodation to the Australian events.  And remember, there are no pointscore or club championship races held at DBSC when state/national laser regattas are happening.  Below are the events. Visit NSW Laser Association for more info.


Laser Events 2018/19 Season

NSW & ACT Events  

Event                                                        Run By                         Host Club                                                           Dates                                    NoR         SI

NSW Youth Championships             AS                             South Lake Macquarie Amateur SC        29 September – 1 October 2018   NoR

Coast Championships                        NSW/ACT LA        Vaucluse Yacht Club                                   27-28  October 2018                       NoR

State Championships NSW/ACT     LA                            Canberra Yacht Club                                   24-25  November 2018

ACT Youth Championships               AS                            Canberra Yacht Club16 February 2019

State Masters Championships          NSW/ACT LA        South Lake Macquarie Amateur SC        2-3 March 2019

Metro ChampionshipsNSW/ACT    LA                            Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club                16-17 March 2019

Women’s Laser Regatta                                                      DBSC Double Bay Sailing Club               8-9 September 2018                   NoR     SI

National Events

Event                                                        Run By                         Host Club                                                           Dates                                NoR         SI

Sail Sydney Olympic Classes            AS                             Woollahra Sailing Club                          4-7 December 2018                  NoR

Sail Sydney Invited Classes (4.7)     AS                             Woollahra Sailing Club                         7-9 December 2018  

Sail Melbourne International           AS                            Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Vic           12-16 December 2018              NoR

Sail Brisbane                                        AS                            RQYS, Manly, Queensland                   28 Nov  to 2 Dec 2018

AUS National & Oceania C'ships     OLCA/ALCA           Mersey Yacht Club Devonport, Tas     1-8 January 2019 (1st Race 3 Jan)  NoR

AUS Youth National C'ships             AS                             RYCT, Hobart, Tas                                  10-14 January 2019 (1st Race 11 Jan) NoR

Regional Events

Event                                                   Run By                         Host Club                                                           Dates                                NoR         SI

South Pacific Laser Masters           QLA                           RQYS, Manly, Queensland                   13-16 July 2018                           NoR

Oceania Fiji Masters Std & Rad    OLCA                        Denarau Island, Fiji                                13-19 October 2018                    NoR

World Championship Events

 Event                                                                  Run By                                          Host Club                            Dates                                NoR         SI

2018 Laser Radial Men’s Worlds  C'Ships  ILCA                                             Kiel, Germany                     18-14 June 2018            NoR

2018 Laser Under-21 World C'Ships            ILCA                                            Gdynia, Poland                   1-8 July 2018                 NoR

2018 Laser 4.7 Youth World C'Ships            ILCA                                            Gdynia, Poland                  9-17 July 2018                NoR

2018 Youth Sailing World C'Ships                 WS                                              Corpus Christi, USA         14-21 July 2018             NoR

2018 Sailing World C'Ships*                           WS                                              Aarhus, Denmark              30 July – 12 Aug 2018  NoR

2018 Laser Radial Youth World C'Ships      ILCA                                           Kiel, Germany                    18-25 August 2018         NoR

2018 Laser Masters World C'Ships               ILCA                                           Dun Laoghaire, Ireland      7-15 September 2018   NoR

2019 Youth Sailing World C'Ships                                                                    Gdynia, Poland                     13-29 July  2019

2019 Laser Radial Youth World C'Ships                                                          Kingston, Canada               24-31 July 2019

2019 Laser 4.7 Youth World C'Ships            ILCA                                          Kingston, Canada                16-23 August 2019

2019 Laser Masters WorldC'Ships                ILCA                                          Port Zélande, Netherlands 5-14 September 2019

* The 2018 Laser Standard Men’s World C'Ships  and Laser Radial Women’s World Championship will be part of the Sailing World C'Ships

* These World Championships will also serve as a qualification regatta for the 2020 Olympic Games.


Copied with permission from the NSW Laser Association website.